Meredith Springfield tackles intricate design challenge to deliver the innovative EZ Funnel

Product provides solution to re-fueling new Capless Fuel Systems


When Ed Baker was looking for a manufacturing and design partner for his innovative solution for delivering fuel additives to Capless Fuel systems, he reached out to Meredith-Springfield.

Baker Supply was established in 2004 to provide packaging and design service solutions for the automotive industry. The most recent iteration of that service is the development of EZ Funnel.

The unique product was initially launched to address a specific need for the new Capless Fuel systems but has taken on a life of its own. The patented snap-on feature works extremely well with both plastic and canned fuel additive products and makes the pouring of theses additives simple and spill-proof.

The company has also developed a very specific funnel for Stihl for their premixed fuel products for 2 and 4 cycle engines.

“This was one of the more difficult projects we have undertaken and there were a lot of moving parts,” said Baker. “We have had projects with MeredithSpringfield in the past and I consider Mel O’Leary to be something of plastic bottle scientist.”

The Capless Fuel System was originally developed by Martinrea for Ford Motor Co. and the system was first used on the 2006 Ford GT. The system was
designed for multiple attributes including ease of fuel filling by elimination of the cap. Ford promoted this as the number one new technology in their consumer studies in the mid 2000’s and by 2010 all Ford models had a capless system.

Additionally and since some Chrysler, Jeep and General Motors vehicles have adopted capless systems and other manufacturers are scheduled to introduce systems in the near future.

The Ford system requires a very specific diameter nozzle to unlock the flap. Most bottles today will not open the port, and even if they do will not go deep enough to bypass the overflow drain directly below the flap. Further, the threads on a standard bottle neck get caught on the metal flap either making it difficult to remove or scraping of plastic that will end up in the fuel tank and eventually the fuel filter.

The challenge was to create a single solution that functions with all systems. EZ Funnel answers this challenge and Meredith-Springfield answered the challenge that came with creating such an innovative product.

“From a molding standpoint it is a very unique design,” said Baker. “The robotics that go into this have to be very precise. Meredith-Springfield has a history of being able to handle these types of difficult projects.”

The EZ Funnel is available through the company website at For more information on Meredith-Springfield and its custom blow-molded
solutions, call (413) 583-8600.

For more information on Meredith-Springfield and its custom blow-molded solutions, call (413) 583-8600.

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