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Thank you for your interest in Meredith-Springfield Associates (MSA). In order to be considered for employment, this application must be filled out in its entirety. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email indicating your application has been received. Applications will be kept on file for one year. You will be contacted if you are in consideration for a position. No phone calls, please.

Meredith-Springfield offers a variety of rewarding career opportunities. Please select those that best match your skills and abilities and for which you wish to apply. Note that Meredith-Springfield may not have open opportunities for each department or position you select.

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Are you at least 18 years old?

Do you have a checking or savings account?

Do you smoke or use tobacco or pseudo or alternate tobacco products?

In the last six months have you smoked or used tobacco or pseudo or alternate tobacco products?

Do you plan on using tobacco or pseudo or alternate tobacco products at any time in the future?

MSA takes the health and safety of it's employees extremely seriously. For this cause, MSA is a totally smoke-free campus. We will not hire smokers and individuals who are found to have lied about smoking on this application will be subject to immediate dismissal.

Being to work on time requires that you either own a car or have consistent, dependable transportation; this is particularly true because we have mandatory weekend and early and late coverage. Because of this, your transportation cannot be a co-worker. In our experience, individuals with their own cars have fewer issues with the early/late coverage and weekend work, as they are not relying on anyone to get them to and from work.

Do you own a car or have consistent reliable transportation?

Do you have a valid driver's licence?

Are you in good physical health (i.e. can stand / walk unassisted for 7+ hours, can bend, twist, stoop, lift (~25lbs), work with arms over head, no difficulty breathing, 20/20 eyesight (including corrective lenses, ...etc)?

Regular Work Schedule – For each regular work day, start and end times for each shift are detailed below:

Shift Start Time End Time
1st Shift 7:45 AM 4:00 PM
2nd Shift 3:45 PM 12:00 AM
3rd Shift 11:45 PM 8:00 AM

On occasion, employees are asked to work outside of normal work hours. Weekend work, if scheduled, is mandatory. Employees will only be required to work either a Saturday or a Sunday on any scheduled weekend. If two weekends are scheduled back-to-back, a Saturday will be worked one weekend and a Sunday will be worked on the other.

Be advised, inability to work on weekends will prevent you from being hired.

Do you understand that weekend work, though infrequent , when needed is mandatory?

Are you willing to work the weekends when required ?

Early/Late schedule – our company assigns each employee: one day per week for early arrival and one day per week for late arrival per week to provide for planned and unplanned absences of other employees. This is a four (4) hour block of time. The early/late coverage is mandatory for all employees. For each shift, start and end times are detailed below:

Be advised, inability to work either early/late coverage will prevent you from being hired.

Shift Early Start Time Late End Time
1st Shift 4:00 AM 8:00 PM
2nd Shift 12:00 PM 4:00 AM
3rd Shift 8:00 PM 8:00 PM

Do you understand that you will be placed on the early/late schedule?

Do you understand that you will have one assigned day per week that you may have to come in 4 hours early?

Do you understand that you will have one assigned day per week that you may have to come in 4 hours late?

Do you understand that, if you are requested to work your early or late coverage shift, it is MANDATORY that you work?

For the primary shift you are applying for, are you able to work an assigned early and late schedule?

For the second shift you are applying for, are you able to work an assigned early late schedule?

For the shift you are applying for, are you able to work an assigned early and late schedule?

Have you worked in manufacturing before?


Are you legally entitled to work in the U.S.?

When can you start working?

Do you have a commitment you will need to return to at the end of this assignment?

If yes, what is your return date?

What is your predominant speaking/understanding language?

Why should I hire you?

I hereby attest that the information provided is true and accurate.

I understand that, while employed, all MSA policies including but not limited to: attendance, use of PPE, productivity, etc. apply to me and my employment. I understand that MSA is a tobacco/pseudo-tobacco free campus and that any use of tobacco /pseudo tobacco, cigar, cigarettes (regular and smokeless), chew, snuff or any other tobacco-like produce (real or alternative) while on company property will result in immediate termination.

I understand that if, in the course of work at MSA, I am found to be using any kind of substance, legal and non-legal, prescribed or self-medicating, that negatively impacts my response times, I will be terminated as this is a safety issue.

My signature on this application is authorization for prior employers to provide work references without fear of reprisal should the information they provide result in my not obtaining a position.

I understand that any information supplied in this application, and found to be false, will result in my immediate termination.


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